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In the words of Dr. Junger:

This is the way I see it:
The program as it is in the book would work if you find the ingredients in the recipes as they should be, full of nutrients, fresh, without long distances of transportation, and if you use reasonable variation. We never know exactly what we are getting any more. It is possible, if not likely, that you would not be covering the supply of everything that is needed for the important work of detoxification and repair that goes on during CLEAN.

When I advise people, I mostly guide beginners and people that will not realistically take the time to shop and prepare foods, so they do it with the Kit. The supplements I chose are of great quality and loaded with nutrients in the right combinations, specifically designed with the understanding of molecular biology and physiology, at the same time as using the understanding that humans, who are designed by nature, will benefit from the re-creation of more natural conditions. The nutrients in the kit are much closer to what some understand humans would be eating in the wild.

The kit is also designed to repair intestinal integrity. It has powerful herbal antimicrobials and probiotics, a blood sugar stabilizer that helps cravings dissolve, a digestive enzyme which further eases digestive work.
Most importantly, it works. I have seen hundreds of people just light up and become full of vibrant energy. It is not for everybody. Real food is always better, but it’s more likely to do it for you if you are already pretty CLEAN.
If there are lots of bad bacteria in your intestines, you will have to eat all the “food antimicrobials” all the time.

Yes, I have all the reasons to be biased towards the Kit, since I profit from your purchase. But the truth is that I wasn’t thinking of kits at the start. I was scratching my head trying to recreate the powerful effects of juice fasting but in my patients that could not take time off and go to a spa. In the city, living modern life, juice fasting just doesn’t work. Only juicing is great when you are in a spa setting. Busy life and only juicing for more than 3 days just doesn’t work. So that is how I arrived at this formula. Only then it occurred to me that I could help many more people with the amazing technology of today. This is my passion.
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