Dietary Energy Lip Balm

About Burner Balm:

BurnerBalm Slim-Down Special
Burner Balm is the first and only dietary energy lip balm to incorporate green tea extract, natural caffeine, Hoodia extract, and Chromium Picolinate into an innovative new product that moisturizes and provides SPF protection as well. Burner Balm is a healthy alternative to energy drinks or energy shots that are loaded with chemicals and sugars. Burner Balm Lip Balm also helps provide a protective barrier from the harsh elements, locking in moisture on the lips, while preventing them from drying out and becoming chapped.

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Our revolutionary DOCTOR DEVELOPED & RECOMMENDED Burner Balm contains proven dietary supplement ingredients that curb your appetite, increases your energy level and burn fat and carbohydrates. Burner Balm was developed by Dr. Kurtz as a direct response to his patients who continually complained of weight gain and lack of energy. Dr. David E. Toomey, a Board Certified Family Physician Specialist, was consulted to further develop the formula, making sure that it was safe. Due to the number of blood vessels on the lips, products are more easily absorbed than ingesting a pill that goes straight to the stomach.

Energy-X Performance Special. 4 for $19.95

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