Can Soy Help Ease the Symptoms of Menopause?

by Doug Hart

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Most women that are going through the symptoms of perimenopause are looking for a quick way to help ease the symptoms, or get rid of them altogether if possible. Recently, researchers have found that chemicals in soybeans can reduce the effects of menopause in rats, which is good news for those already are taking soy products that hold the promise of relief.

These researchers found that dietary supplementation with soy aglycons of isoflavone (SAI) – which is a group of chemicals found in soybeans – helped to lower the cholesterol, boost the anti-oxidative abilities of the liver, and prevent degeneration of the vaginal lining in female rats who had their ovaries removed. Ok, that’s great, right? But does it work in a human, that’s what you would like to know, I’m sure.

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According to these researchers in Taiwan, they state that “”SAI itself has weak estrogenic properties, and we’ve shown here that menopause-related syndromes can be prevented or improved by dietary supplementation with the compounds it contains.” So this may not be the conclusive evidence that some would require for proof, such as the FDA, but it sounds like a pretty good start to me.

In actuality, soy products have been a staple of the diet in China, Japan, Indonesia, and many other countries for centuries. In these countries, it is known from personal experience that soy products can play an important role in disease prevention. So why do we doubt that they help in controlling menopause in this country? For the simple fact that many women have not been exposed to the benefits of soy, and simply aren’t familiar with it’s properties.

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Perhaps it’s time to give this simple food product a try? You can find many foods that contain soy such as tofu, tempeh, and miso. There are many foods now that the Western world is finding more marketable with soy, such an ingredient in protein powders, hot dogs, burgers, cheese, cereals, sports bars, and even snack foods.

There is also soy milk, textured soy protein, and soy cheese, which have been used as nutritious alternatives to cow’s milk products and meat. If you are thinking of switching to a vegan diet in the future, there are many alternatives that can help with your symptoms of menopause!

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