How To Deal With Very Low Calorie Diet Or VLCD Side Effects

By Patrick Howard

Individuals go on a diet to turn into the better and much healthier version of themselves. Being in form is deemed as one among the best ways of having a great quality of life; you have the versatility and physical ability to go after fulfilling activities, you can wear clothes that make you feel great and appear great, and people admire and respect the self-discipline that you have in caring for your health. It’s no wonder publications always devote several pages to healthy menu planning and easy to do work outs because everyone pretty much desires to have that kind of life.

So, if you’re recommended by the doctor to take better care of your body for you’re already in danger of severe health complications, then creating a change in your lifestyle will most certainly begin with rethinking your food choices. You may have already heard of the very low calorie diet which has been found to be a very beneficial system for rapid weight reduction; this diet can help you shed as much as 5.5 pounds per week. By sticking to 800 kilocalories per day (the recommended calorie consumption for the diet) you can achieve your goal weight very quickly.

For some individuals with particular health conditions, the rigid program of a VLCD may create some dangers, but researches show that no VLCD side effects are by any means deadly. So you see, VLCD is still a very safe and secure diet for overweight or obese people who want rapid weight reduction.

At the beginning stage of the diet, some individuals may go through discomfort on account of the withdrawal symptoms from carbs. It generally takes the body one week to get used to to the dietary regimen and detox; in the interim, some people might get headaches and feel sick. In this case, there’s nothing to do but to slow down, relax and ensure that you remain hydrated. Taking a paracetamol will get rid of the painful head.

Long term side effects may include constipation and thinning of hair. For bowel problems, this only occurs if the VLCD is low in fibre. Makers of Total Food Replacement products nowadays have already addressed this concern with breakfast and snack packs that have fibre-rich oatmeal as the major ingredient.

Dry skin and hair fall can likewise be solved by increasing your water intake to as much as 5 litres a day. H2O is calorie-free and will have no unfavorable effects on your VLCD regardless if you drink it many times. In any case, the thinning of hair, which is very temporary with hair growth going back to normal upon completing the ketosis phase, is unnoticeable at all.

Worth pointing out also is that TFRs are filled with nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein, and so forth) that really boost overall physical health. At the end of the day, the major effect of VLCD really is simply a thinner and more wholesome you.

The side effects of going on a diet using VLCD is minimal and they are all workable. All you need is to be well-informed about them before going through such regimen.

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