How to Lose Weight by Eating More

By Lesley Knowles

These days, three square meals daily is already out-of-date. The secret to burn fat faster and control cravings is to maintain the normal level of blood sugar by eating in smaller proportions more frequently. In today’s world of office jobs and driving even a few blocks away instead of walking, eating three big meals daily does not make full sense. You will not be able to burn calories immediately. Instead, they will be stored as fat. So, it is way better to break up those calories into five or six meals or three medium meals and two to three light snacks.

The following are two ways where eating more can actually help you lose weight.

1. Lighten your load.

The digestive systems functions more efficiently with a lighter load. When you overeat and therefore overload your digestive system, bad things may happen. Aside from indigestion which may lead to other health issues, this practice makes you want to eat more in large quantities.

When the intervals between your meals go too long, your energy level will drop. Keep supplying your digestive system with small portions of nutritious food and beverage every 3 to 4 hours or so. This will help you continuously work at very high energy level. Starving yourself or eating too little food too infrequently is not the way to approach weight problem. If you are eating nutritious foods at smaller quantities, you enable your body to burn more calories or fat than what it takes in. Just remember, the food you nibble on must be those high in protein, just enough carbohydrates, and just a little fat.

2. Be consistent.

You will crave lot lesser when your blood sugar level escalates. Eating small meals frequently will keep your sugar levels at a significantly high level and make you eat a less. You will feel more hungry if your blood sugar levels are low and tend to rush to the vending machine for a can of soda or a bottle of fruit juice which is actually overflowing with many kinds of sugar that are converted into fat.

On the other hand, heavy and infrequent meals will make you sluggish. You would most likely lie down and take a long rest after a heavy meal. This practice will not help in your efforts to lose weight. You should be as active as possible for the whole day if you want to lose weight. So, small meals are perfect and extremely helpful, as you would not feel stuffed. But do not do this for a couple of days only. Make this a habit, a lifestyle.

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