How to Lose Weight Fast – The Three Steps to Losing Weight

By Joe Harley

Weight loss is a subject that concerns many people in a society where food is abundant and most jobs are fairly sedentary. While there are some methods that will allow for very quick weight loss, the simplest and safest way to lose weight is focused on three areas. A person who wants to lose weight quickly need to eat less, do more and gather a support system.

Eating less is largely a matter of self-control. When food is easily available, it is difficult to stop oneself from eating more than is needed, but that is what must be done in order to lose the weight. In order to eat less, it’s a good idea to formulate a basic menu or at least a plan for how many calories to consume in a given day.

As the weight decreases, that calorie intake should be reduced as well. Eating smaller portions is an important step, and simple measures like using smaller dishes and making small shopping trips instead of having large amounts of food in the house at any given time are good ways to help keep those portions small. It’s not necessary to give up any one food altogether, but healthier foods should take precedence.

Moving more is just a matter of finding time to exercise. This doesn’t need to be one long exercise session every day. Short bursts of five to ten minutes can be extremely helpful as well. Exercising a little every hour, even if that just means walking around the room or doing a few quick arm exercises, can be a great way to burn a few calories, and it can be done at home or, in many cases, on the job.

Of course, going to a gym several times a week is a great idea too, but if you feel you can’t afford a gym or take the time to attend one regularly, there are plenty of ways to get enough movement in that don’t require fancy equipment. Varying the types of movement is helpful as well, since it exercises different muscles and also keeps the movement from becoming dull through excessive repetition.

Finally, losing weight is mental as well as physical, and it’s important to find people willing to support you in your goals. That can mean accountability partners who will chide you if you fail to exercise or overeat on a given day, and it can also just mean people willing to cheer you on, celebrating your successes and assuring you that a setback is not forever.

Close friends and family can be a big help, as can fellow members of a group such as Overeaters Anonymous or Weight Watchers. Taking problems to social media can also be a way of finding supporters; on a hard day, just a quick message can be very uplifting.

Many people that have lost significant amounts of weight have cited these factors as the keys to keeping the weight off. With great perseverance, anyone can lose weight in this way.

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