Does Liquid Dieting Work?

By Rob Harris

In this article, you will find out about liquid diets and whether they work in order for the person to lose weight. Including some case study proof of whether this type of diet can help you in the long term as well as in the short term.

Liquid diets are just what you’d have thought from the name, diets that are comprised purely of liquids or have 1 or 2 meals a day that are liquid with another meal that is balanced with all the different food groups. The idea being that the liquids consumed are significantly lower in calories than their food counterparts.

As liquids, naturally, have fewer calories in them than food does, consuming fewer calories than you are burning off, should work out and the person therefore lose weight. The only problem being that, once the person goes onto a different diet after losing the weight that they wanted to, they will put the weight back on because the fewer calories being consumed actually slows down the metabolism.

Liquid diets can be unsafe in the sense that the person needs to make sure that, while they get are getting a lower amount of calories that should help the person to lose weight, they might miss out on getting some of the nutrients that they need because of not eating as much food. Some side effects that could arise as a result are tiredness and dizziness.

Whilst liquid diets can be good to lose weight in the short term, they mustn’t be relied upon, long term, in order to keep the weight off, because of the lack of calories and the nutrients that the person will miss out on by using a liquid diet instead of actually solid foods.

It is good to use fewer calories to lose weight, the only problem is that the metabolism will go down because of the lack of calories and then, when the dieting is over, the metabolism won’t be sufficient to keep the weight off.

A study conducted by Optifast has shown that, on average, people who participated in liquid diete, people who are supposed to be a minimum of 30% overweight, lose around 20% of their body’s weight within about 6 months. However, within a year of finished the study, 40% of the weight was put back on and 11% put on more weight than they had in the first place.

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