The Secrets To Weight Loss Without Dieting

By Rob Harris

In this article, you will find out how you can lose weight without actually going on a diet. Losing weight is a 2-edged sword, you can diet, in order to consume less calories, or you can exercise, in order to burn off more calories than you are consuming, in order to lose weight. Or, of course, you can do both of the above and lose weight quicker than doing either one of them.

Eating less of what you would normally eat is a good way to lose weight. You won’t actually be changing your diet, just eating less of what you would normally eat. This will save you money as well, because you’ll be buying less of it and spending less money on the food that you would normally buy.

Decide on a time in the evening that you will no longer eat, so that you’re not going to be snacking just before bedtime. This will help you lose weight because the body isn’t consuming the extra calories in the first place and it is actually slowing down at a time when it wants to, when the time for you go to bed is nearing.

Go running to burn off the calories that you need to to lose weight. To keep consistent, you can keep track of something to do with your run. What I mean by that is you could begin by keeping track of how far you are running and then, over time, run further in order to lose more weight. Or you could run faster and keep a record of the time that you run a set distance. If you weigh yourself, you’ll then see the progress that you are making as you lose weight and this will keep you motivated because you’ll see the progress that you are making.

Swimming is also a great exercise in order to lose weight. Going swimming with a set number of laps in mind will help you by giving you a target to work towards. And you can build up to it by pushing yourself to do one more lap each time you get to the point where you feel like you’re making progress.

If you have to drive or get the bus to work, consider whether you can walk or cycle, assuming you leave the house with enough time to do so. You’ll also find that you save money by not having to buy fuel.

Go for the lighter equivalents of food products that you use. Research done by the University of East Anglia shows that, by replacing foods with their low fat alternatives, people were able to lose about 3.5 lbs, without regaining it for over 7 years. The study also showed that blood pressure was lowered and cholesterol levels also improved.

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