Is Targeted Weight Loss Possible?

By Rob Harris

You’re about to find out whether targeted weight loss is actually possible and what you can do to actually make sure you can lose weight in a particular part of your body that you want to.

To be blunt, targeted weight loss isn’t really possible. When the body burns calories, the weight is taken from all over the body. Some people will just have problem areas that others don’t and those people have more different problem areas, every body is different and one person’s problem area might be a thigh, while someone else’s is an arm.

While you can’t target the weight loss itself, when you are losing weight, you can make it look like the fat is being targeted in a particular area by toning the muscle in that area and make it show through the fat. For example, you can do all the sit ups in the world, but if you’re not burning the fat around the abs, you won’t get a six-pack.

To tone the lower body, like the thighs and the buttocks, you can get on a stepping machine, which will give the same exercise as if you’d gone up stairs. You will be able to target the whole lower body depending on how you position yourself on the stepping machine.

Sit-ups and crunches will target the abdominal area, to give one the coveted six-pack abs look. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any gym equipment to be able to do this; you don’t need an ab roller, for example, you just need to do sit-ups. If they don’t work, it’s because you’re not doing them properly.

In order to get your arms, you can use a dual action exercise bike. This will have arms coming up from the front of the bike that you can use to exercise your arms as you exercise your lower body by cycling at the same time.

Of course there also specific moves and exercises you can do at the gym, using weights, and you will be able to find an instructor or member of staff who can recommend exercises to target specific body parts and give you pointers and advice and show you how to do the exercises properly, so as not to risk injuring yourself by performing them.

If you want to lose the weight from the problem areas faster than you are currently doing, you should simply do more exercise (assuming all other things are equal), there’s no magic trick involved.

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