How Music And Films Can Help You Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

By Rob Harris

Do you often get on a diet to lose weight, lose that weight, and then, reverting to a normal diet, gain that weight right back? You’re about to find out how to keep that weight off, feel better in yourself and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to stay healthier and lower your risk of illness.

Stop considering a diet as a short-term plan and see it as a long-term commitment. Whilst you can lose weight in a relatively short period of time, you’re better off adopting the mindset of keeping it for the long-term; this is now the way that you will eat.
This way you will also stick at the diet for a longer period of time, to give it a chance to work, before deciding that it isn’t going to work for you.

Give yourself a big enough “why”. If you give yourself a big enough reason to do something, not just dieting, you’ll figure out how to do it, regardless of what stands in your way.
If you want to diet and lose weight, then you will need motivation. It could be an old pair of jeans you used to fit into. Or you could even go out and buy an outfit that you will be able to fit into in the future, if you continue to lose weight. This will keep you motivated to diet and exercise, every time you see the outfit, you’ll remember why you’re doing it. But you have to make sure it’s compelling enough, or you won’t follow through.

Reward yourself with little treats along the way, every time you lose a little bit of weight. Not food, though! Maybe treat yourself to seeing a movie you’ve wanted to see or a CD you’ve been wanting. Either way, little successes over time will be another motivator towards your bigger goals and will make you feel good about your progress.

Researchers in Seattle and Chicago, among other places, have found that women who have been yo-yo dieting don’t necessarily have a lower metabolism than women who didn’t yo-yo diet and therefore don’t lack ability to keep weight off. In fact, if they just used exercise to lose weight, they lost even more than the women who had used a combination of dieting and exercising in order to lose weight.
Anne McTiernan, the study’s senior author, concluded that the best way to lose weight is to merely use a structured diet and keep at it.

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