More Satisfying Sex From Dieting

By Rob Harris

While losing weight and dieting have many up sides, there are side effects that you may not have thought about. Once you can overcome these side effects, though, you will be able to get on with losing weight and becoming healthier.

Hunger hormones go crazy. Since the body can’t tell the difference between when it is being willingly starved or there is a lack of food, the hormone named ghrelin is released, which is what makes you feel hungry. This hormone will make it difficult to keep on your diet, so here are a couple of things that you can do to not feel as hungry:

Have a regular eating schedule: This will enable to the body to get used to the diet because it’ll know when to expect food and you won’t feel as hungry at odd times.

Get enough sleep: Not getting enough sleep has been shown to make you want to eat, in order to stay up, and to make you want to eat sugary foods for the sake of the energy.

There are theories about people who lose weight having skin complaints because of toxins being released once the fat is burnt off. But there are also people on forums online who have claimed this isn’t an issue for them, so it will likely depend on the individual.

There are positive side effects to weight loss, as well as negative ones.

Sleeping better can be an upshot of losing weight. Sleep apnea is an occurrence when one has limited breathing during the night because the airways are closed by extra fat. Losing weight would obviously take away this risk and therefore you would sleep better. This would mean you have more energy to face the day ahead and be ready for more exercise to lose more weight.

Better sex is also a positive side effect to losing weight. As you are losing weight you will become more attractive to your partner and this will result in more satisfying sex.

A study by Case Western Reserve University has shown that people who have undergone weight loss surgery and having periodontal treatment, experienced less redness and swelling compared to those who had gum disease on it’s own. They believe that inflammation is a kind of gum disease and inflammation is caused by fat cells, having less fat on your body will result in a much healthier looking smile.

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