The Best Diet Options For Weight Loss And Burning Those Pounds Off For The New Year Of 2013

By Blue Jackson

Did you enjoy yourself this last great year of 2012, especially the holiday’s such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the incoming new year of 2013? I have a good feeling that you did! You probably ate without thinking how much you put inside your stomach because it taste so good.

Do you ever look forward to exercising because it taste so good or feels so good? That’s the 64 million dollar question. I know that there are many answers like if you qualify you can become a contestant on the “biggest loser show,” and shed and lose some pounds.

You can also adopt a dog at the pound, and if your dog gets away from you while your taking him or her on a walk, you still can chase him or her all over town. You can lose some weight that way too! I know some of you will cheat and have some dog treats in your coat pocket, then you will call out your dog’s name and have that treat dangling in front of him or her, then you will see how fast your dog will be flying back to you for that treat.

Now the lesson is your dog just burned some pounds off, and probably loss some weight to get back to you for that treat. They say we can learn some things from animals and I really do believe that. They do have a good sense of smell. We as human beings also have a great sense of smell. But are we willing to run really hard to go get some treats or food? Maybe we could run to our food and lose weight.

That might be an answer for our up and coming 2013 year. Some of us live in a cold weather climate all year around, and some of us live with the seasons changing. Some say it is easier to lose weight when it is not as cold all the time. There might be some truth to that statement. You take a look at “Santa Clause” and he is always jolly all year around and it might be because he lives in the North Pole which is very cold all year around.

He does not need to shed any pounds or burn any fat off of himself. We expect a nice size “Santa Cluse.” Now many of us do not want to be big as “Santa,” even his reindeer is burning calories, and loosing weight while delivering our presents to us while we were asleep. Proper eating habits and exercising and sleeping is one of the keys to take some pounds off and shed some extra weight that we’ve gained over this holiday season. There are many diet programs and weight loss programs to help us. So whatever works for you, go for it in 2013.

If you need to power walk just be careful in the cold weather because of the ice on the sidewalks. Rome was not built overnight. The weight and pounds do not all come off in a day. So please do not put a lot of pressure on yourself and others. Take your time and keep working toward your goal.

Before you know it, your 2013 year will be shaping up as a beautiful begining. You will appreciate a slimmer toned down body. Remember there are many ways to lose weight and shed pounds, plus there will be choices and options for you to choose from

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By Blue Jackson

Have a happy new 2013 year!

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