Lying Down Can Stop Food Cravings

By Rob Harris

When you crave food, you can’t help yourself from eating and this will only make you put on weight, depending on what you eat. If you can’t curb your cravings, the long-term effects are that you’ll put on weight and you’ll become less attractive and not feel good about yourself. With the following tips, you’ll look good, feel great and you’ll have plenty of self-confidence too.

When you go looking for food or crave a particular food, it’s because you want to get a sense of feeling by eating that food, eating a packet of something might make you feel good because of the taste. If you can replace the good feeling by other means, you take away the need to consume the food. For example, you might feel good by eating some chocolate but you could replace the feeling by doing something like a household chore that you’ve been putting off that would make you feel proud of your home.

If you are on a strict diet that is limiting your food intake a lot more than usual, your food cravings might simply be because you’re not eating enough in the first place. So your cravings may be your body’s way of telling you that you do need to be eating more than you currently are and the diet that you are on isn’t right for you. So if you are limiting what you are eating, you could see if there are alternatives to foods in your diet that are more filling than what you are eating.

This may be a simple step, but don’t skip breakfast! This is a common thing by people who get up late and just think they’ll make it through to lunchtime without having to eat. By the time you get to work, your body won’t have a lot of fuel to run on, so the craving for sugar begins to rise. By eating breakfast, you’re giving your body the initial boost it needs to get going in the morning.

The hormone leptin signals satiety and a few bad nights’ sleep is enough to lower the levels of this hormone by 18%, according to research by the University of Chicago. The same research showed that the hormone that is an appetite trigger, ghrelin, rose by about 30%. So making sure you are getting enough sleep could be enough to stop your food cravings, the ideal amount being about 8 hours.

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