Is Your Subconscious Mind Sabatoging Your Diet?

By Debbie St.Claire

This article discusses how radical forgiveness allow us to move forward and to let our sincere goals manifest.

We all know how painful and frustrating it is to have our goals and desires thwarted by our own self. We start out with lofty and joyful aspirations to live a better life. The problem is that life throws curve balls all the time to test our resolve. These curve balls are actually coming from within us and are not the result of some cruel and uncaring universe.

How can this be true? The truth is the universe is not conspiring to make us miserable and unhappy. The universe actually gives us everything we ask for. The universe does not care if what we ask for is good for us or bad for us. We must learn how to ask for what we really want.

Most of our unconscious thoughts are the result of societal conditioning, guilt, resentment, and fear. As children we are sponges for new knowledge and experiences. We accept without question what our parents, teachers, and society tell us. This group collective holds all the thoughts, emotions, and ideas that have been experienced over all time. If the thoughts we think the feelings we feel resonate with this field then we are linked to the group collective. This works for us in both a positive and negative way, because some of this group consciousness is for the good of the whole.

Unfortunately the dark side exists equally strong as the light. Unless we become conscious creators we are subject to the whims and chaos of this collective. Sounds a bit like the Borg in the Star Trek movies. The Borg were very powerful and extremely evil and they assimilated other species. How do we conquer the Borg in our lives? If we think of the Borg as all the negative dark parts of us then we can root it out. The negative and dark parts of us are all of our past hurts, resentments, and guilt. Unless we can become conscious of our dark side then we stay stuck. An effective practice to become aware of these thoughts and feelings is journaling. Keep the journal close by so when you catch yourself going down the path of anger, resentment, and blame you can write it down. We are not writing it down to make ourselves feel worse. We are writing it down to become aware of our unconscious thoughts and patterns.

The Course In Miracles (ACIM) teaches that forgiveness is critical for achieving lasting peace. Past guilt and resentments cloud and color our present by attracting to us more experiences to feel guilty and resentful about. What we think about we become. By constantly reliving past events our life becomes a repeating cycle.

How do you practice Radical Forgiveness of self and others? One very simple practice is to repeat a mantra when you catch yourself feeling guilty, resentful, or fearful. What has worked wonders for me I adapted from the Hawaiian Hooponopono.

“I am so sorry Please forgive me. I Love you and thank you for Loving me”

By repeating this mantra we are forgiving and being forgiven. A little know secret about forgiveness is that we are not the ones doing the forgiveness. This especially important when we have so much resentment built up that we are unable to fully forgive. By asking the universe to do the forgiving we are surrendering to a higher power. It is sometimes hard to give up control and to let GO. Even if you don’t fully believe but you are willing to consider the possibility then a Miracle can unfold. Ask and it is given.

This “I am so sorry Please forgive me. I love you and thank you for loving me” statement is beautiful in its simplicity and amazing power. I have probably said it tens of thousands of times. I have said it using Mala beads also known as worry beads. Giving the hands something to do quiets the mind. This is an amazing practice. When I first started using the beads I took them on a visit to the Dentist. The Dentist may have thought I was odd but it was calming to repeat the statement.

This article has discussed how holding on to resentments about others and ourselves keeps us from moving forward to our desired life. Radical forgiveness is something that needs to be done constantly. Each time we forgive we are freeing up our vital energy resources to achieve our sincerest desires. It is useful to repeat the mantra whenever anxious thoughts arrive.

Debbie StClaire is a Certified Coach who specializes in permanent weight loss by changing how we think about ourselves and the world.
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