The Three Things You’re Missing in Your Weight Loss Program

By Tom Byers

You have tried all kinds of weight loss programs and you always seem to end up in the same place. You lose some weight at first but you don’t see the big picture and so you get tired of the same routine and the weight returns.

I think it’s better if you understand the big picture and try to assess yourself before starting any weight loss program. The first thing you need to ask yourself is how healthy is my diet. Don’t share this information with anyone else. Talking out in the open might lead you to cover up some things that you might be ashamed of. Look for how much sugar you are taking in in the form of sugary soft drinks and sweets. If you think you can stop them cold turkey do so but if you think he might cheat give yourself one cheat day a week where you allow yourself this indulgence. Making this change alone will over the course of months see you lose significant weight.

Next, ask yourself how much exercise you get every day. Again, be honest with yourself here. Whatever it is that you do even if that happens to be nothing make sure that you step outside and spend at least 20 min. outdoors everyday. It’s preferable that you walk but don’t put any pressure on yourself. If you just want to stand around do that. The idea is to create a habit we you go outside every day. Getting outdoors is the biggest challenge for many people. If they can do this everything else will follow.

Get a good night of sleep by establishing a schedule. If you get up really early go to bed at an earlier hour so that you get at least seven hours of sleep, preferably eight a night. Try to sleep the same amount every day, that is don’t sleep in too long on the weekends and disrupt your cycle.

To have a successful weight loss its best to engage in sustainable behavior. You need to try to do things that you can maintain over the long-term. Everyone can stay on a fad diet for a limited time but when you stop, the weight returns and no long-term changes remain. These three suggestions are simple and hopefully for you sustainable.

Do these three things and a couple of others contained on the site that I suggest and gradually over the course of time you will lose weight without even being aware that you’re doing it.

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