Lose Those Extra Christmas Pounds With A Few Simple Sips

By Tracey England

It’s that time of the year when everyone is trying desperately to lose a few inches, whether you have over indulged on the turkey or simply enjoyed a few too many Christmas tipples over the festive season; It’s the common New Year’s resolution “This year I want to get fit and lose weight!” We’ve all tried it, but have we been successful?

This year could be different from them all, make this year your year! Whilst most people consider green tea to be a health benefitting beverage that can boost your immune system and dramatically increase your overall well-being, there is a new tea about town… a tea that takes all of those green tea benefits and super sizes them! The health benefits of the marvellous Matcha tea trumps those of green tea, the reason? When you take a slurp of your steamy brew, not only do you ingest the brewed water (as in green tea) but you actually ingest the whole leaf – giving you all of the benefits.

One glass of matcha tea is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional and antioxidant value, making this tea the choice of New Year resolutions across the globe! We won’t bore you with the never ending health benefits but simply name a few; calming and relaxing properties help you to relax after a tough day in the office, whilst the tea effectively boosts your metabolism and burns calories- Great for those cold winter days, when a trip to the gym is out of the question.

Matcha powder doesn’t have to be consumed as a tea; you can actually use this power as a mixture, and combine it with your favourite beverage. Matcha and milk is a popular option, whilst blending the powder with your favourite juice drink is also highly enjoyable.

Reviews rave about this miracle product! Whilst tea experts enjoy the slightly sweeter taste of matcha compared with its rival green tea. All you need to get started is the matcha tea itself, a sturdy mug and a small whisk – whisk the powder up with warm water to create a foamy drink that’s enjoyable any time of the day!

Start your health kick today with matcha tea and discover the power of the antioxidants this season. With the “Best slimming and fitness product 2011” you can be confident in your choice of cuppa!

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