Are Weight Loss Supplements Healthy?

By Boyce Henry

Is there such a thing as healthy weight loss supplements? According to most of the medical community, not really. There are some available by prescription for the severely obese that have proven effective at helping maintain a reduced calorie diet. But, everything has side effects that may affect one person and not another.

And, what about the over the counter choices. Most, if not all, have never been proven effective or lack the data to support their claims. One of the problems in this area is that over the counter supplements are not subject to the same testing standards that prescription drugs are. Once they hit the market they are, however, monitored by the Federal Drug Administration, which can and will ban harmful products. Years ago, they banned all supplements containing ephedra.

Most supplements contain a mixture of vitamins and herbal extracts that, on paper or in theory anyway, have the appearance of working magic. According to the experts in the medical community, as of yet there is no voodoo in a bottle that will take the place of making lifestyle changes. There is no magic bullet. And there certainly is no truly healthy one. Because even if there was a supplement out there that really worked, there most certainly would be negative side effects. Not only that, if it really worked, too many people would just stay on the supplement rather use it to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Many people want a supplement for appetite suppression. That was always my big problem. Eating the right foods will help burn the fat. But, keeping the hunger pangs away was brutal until I figured out that I wasn’t drinking enough water and I wasn’t drinking it at the right times. For me, drinking a big glass of water, when I anticipated hunger, really helped me get to the next meal.

Other people want a supplement that will accelerate the fat burning process. Eating specific foods that boost your metabolism at certain times of the day and according to when your particular body experiences it’s peaks and valleys of energy will do more for burning extra fat than any supplement could.

There really is nothing that can or should replace making incremental changes in lifestyle that have positive, long lasting consequences on overall health and fitness. Having said that, many people do need something that can help them transition to a healthier lifestyle. If you are seriously overweight and need help, talk to your doctor. There are medical aids and alternatives that do help. But, don’t get caught up in the hype over all the purported healthy over the counter weight loss supplements. Be happy!

HTML:With 15 years of researching and managing weight loss, Boyce Henry has some great healthy weight loss advice for anyone wishing to live a more fruitful life without all the torture of radical change.

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