Having A New Body Image Can Boost Your Self Esteem

By Clare Johnson

Motivation to lose weight could start with realising that it is an integral part of becoming and staying healthy throughout your life, it is also great to boost your self esteem. If you have decided that you need motivation to lose weight, you may think that the complex steps and endless hours of commitment to a diet and exercise regime may be more than you can cope with. Whilst losing weight does obviously require effort, if you read this article, it will provide you with help to lose weight. Discovering the steps to achieve your goals is not hard, once you know what they are and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

Motivation to Lose Weight… Where Do I Start?

Start by cutting back on fats and sugars. Your aim is to rid yourself of empty calories. You would be amazed by the amount of sugar contained in soda and fruit juice. Cutting back on sweets, cakes and cookies may be difficult at first but it’s all about retraining your body and having the willpower to do so. It doesn’t mean you have to do without them completely, just see them as a treat and not an everyday occurrence. The same applies to saturated fats, processed meats and full fat dairy products. Choose reduced fat items or try and eliminate some of these things altogether and you will be amazed what a difference it makes to the scales! Once you start to see results, no matter how small, it will provide you with the motivation to lose weight.

A great way to start any diet plan is by increasing your whole grains. Opt for brown bread, multi-grain or whole wheat instead of white. Choose brown rice as oppose to white. You will actually find that when it’s cooked, it hardly tastes any different. Choosing whole grain rather than the refined versions are much more of a healthy option and in addition, they expand in your digestive tract making you feel fuller for longer. Making these small changes will help you to resist snacking as you won’t feel as hungry.

Snacking on High Calorie Items Will Reduce Your Motivation to Lose Weight

If you do feel the urge to snack, have some ready prepared sticks of veg in your fridge, for example, carrots, celery, peppers. Prepare fresh fruit and keep it in a Tupperware container in the fridge. Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself, far from it, in fact you will see improved results if you eat little and often rather than having your breakfast, lunch and your main meal at night. The goal here is to avoid sugar filled, processed snacks, which may be tasty at the time but do not satisfy your hunger. If you do give in to temptation, you will only feel bad afterwards, so try, try, try to resist!

In order to boost your weight loss, you ideally need to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine. Whilst revising your eating pattern is essential for weight loss, you will find the weight stays off for longer if you increase your physical activity. You will be more inclined to keep to this if you choose activities that you enjoy, for example, riding a bike, swimming or playing in the park with your children or taking the dog on a brisk walk. Even making small changes, like walking to the local shops, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking the car further from the store – these changes can all help in your goal to lose the pounds.

Motivation to Lose Weight Means Following an Easy Plan

If you decide to actually follow a diet plan, take time to choose the right one and ask yourself some questions, for example:

1. Can I easily stick to this plan? 2. Is it easy to prepare? 3. If I’m on a budget, is it cheap or do I need expensive items? 4. Can I incorporate the family meals into what I’m eating, rather than having to make more than one meal?

You will no doubt have read many diets that promise super quick weight loss but be very cautious of these, not just for health reasons but also bear in mind that long term weight loss is all about re-educating your eating habits. These fad diets may result in you losing weight quickly but it’s no good if you pile on the pounds a fortnight later. This will have a negative effect on your self-esteem.

So follow our advice, it will be far more beneficial to you in the long run to choose a healthy eating plan and incorporate enjoyable moderate exercise 2-3 times a week for long term success.

Weight loss takes effort and determination but it does not need to be a long or strenuous process. The benefits of even a small amount of weight loss are immediate, and can have a significant impact on your health and lifespan. Make the efforts to change your diet and add in some exercise. You will feel better, look better and live a healthier lifestyle, meaning that your efforts will really pay off.

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