Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

By Boyce Henry

In my last post, I generally discussed my current approach to eating healthier (without torturing myself) and losing weight. Today, I want to address one of my bigger stumbling blocks, which is desirable and healthy weight loss snacks that actually set aside hunger pangs for more than thirty minutes.

My “go to” snack has so far been some kind of fruit, either an apple or orange, grapes, etc. But, to be honest, this was getting a little old. I just felt hungry again soon after the snack. Now, if I had made the full transition to veggies, I could have throw in some raw carrots or maybe some celery to gnaw on. But, I was not and am not there yet.

This is where many people blow their diet, myself included. When those hunger pangs hit, it is mighty tempting to go for a candy bar rather than a celery stick. Nuts are good, but most are high in calories. So, if you eat enough to kill the hunger monster, you have blown it for the day. Same thing with all those various trail bars and what not. What to do?

Well, a good friend of mine, who stays in great shape and guides me when I ask, asked me how much water I was drinking. Amazingly, I had been neglecting one of the fundamental rules of dieting–drink plenty of water. I have never been a big drinker. Well, in college I went a little crazy. No, I mean that I have never been the thirsty type that needed to drink a lot of fluids during the day. I knew I was supposed to be drinking a lot of water, but just never thought about it because I was not thirsty.

Water is key. Drinking a big glass of water, combined with a healthy snack, keeps the hunger monster away longer. That being said, I still have the problem of snack choices. However, as I investigate, there are many healthy choices. I just have to stop being such a picky eater. Still, not easy when those hot chicken strips are staring you down at every convenience store. By the way, that’s another place to avoid. By your gas at the pump and drive away. Once inside, the temptations are darn near insurmountable. You think your going in for a bottle of water and you come out with a sack full of overpriced guilt.

And, as I pointed out in my last post, be reasonable with yourself. If your counting your calories, you may have room for a more fulfilling snack that is also a healthy weight loss snack. I tend to use most of my calories up at lunch and dinner. However, you may spread yours out more. It depends on the person, the diet they are on and their goals. Be Happy!

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