How to Tackle a Weight Loss Plateau

By Boyce Henry

The initial stages of most any weight loss program produces noticeable benefits. But, after you have shed some excess weight, you may experience a weight loss plateau. This occurs when the amount of exercise your doing along with your calorie consumption begins to reach equilibrium with your weight loss.

When you first begin a weight loss program, your body receives a jump start from the reduced calories as well as the increase in physical exercise. And the heavier you happen to be, the greater the results you will see for a certain amount of physical exercise effort. However, after you reduce weight, you will melt off fewer calories from the same amount physical activity. Although still losing weight, you may no longer experience the same amount of weight loss that occurred early on in the program.

There are a few actions you can take to drive through this weight loss plateau:

1) Instead of modifying your diet plan by further restricting your calorie consumption, increase the amount of exercise your doing. Be sure your adequately balancing cardio exercise with strength training. Building muscle helps to burn more calories

.2) Consider the quality of your expectations more so than the quantity and be reasonable. Be in the program for the long haul. Start your plan knowing a plateau will eventually hit, then you will be better equipped to deal with them and not get discouraged.

3) Keep a watchful eye on your diet. Ensure that the calories you are consuming continually conform to the plan by documenting what you eat on a daily basis.

Don’t let the thought of hitting one of these weight loss plateaus discourage you. Virtually every person who has tried to lose weight has experienced this Many people, myself included, have thrown in the towel when faced with this problem. The real secret is to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts. By the time you reach a plateau, your stamina will have increased enough to enable you to withstand more physical activity. And, the more exercise you do, the better you will feel, the stronger you will become and the quicker you will reach your objectives.

Actually, you may need to increase your calories a little to ensure that your body has the necessary energy to manage the increase in physical activity. That’s okay. Just be sure you continue to consume good calories and that you increase your consumption just enough to provide the necessary fuel to manage your workouts. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to perform all of your exercise needs in one workout. Spread your activities out in short, but rather intense workouts through out the day, if that works best for you. At the end of the day, weight loss really is measured by the amount of calories you consume compared to the quantity you burn off. Keeping the previously discussed suggestions in mind will allow you to combat a weight loss plateau and help you stay on track to reaching your goals.

After researching and managing healthy weight loss for years, Boyce Henry has some great healthy weight loss information to share with anyone who is trying to lose weight.

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