It Is Easy To Lose Weight And Keep It Off – Read My Story Here

By Matt Luke

Ok, let’s be totally honest here, we have all had struggles at some point in our life with our weight and most everyone has gone on a diet or tried one of the millions of weight loss fads that have been going around, right? So what was it that worked for you? Was it the eat only meat, cheese and fat diet, the lemonade cleanse? Or how about the diet where you buy all your food for a month and it comes in a box, and when you open that box there are many more little boxes and thoses boxes are full of little meals that are low in calories and usually much lower in taste and satisfaction. Did you gain any weight back after you stopped the diet? Of Course you did, because diets dont work! There, I said it. Now Let’s discuss how you can get some real results.

I had struggled for over 25 years with weight issues and believe me I have tried the box O’ meals, the lemon fire water cleanse, the all meat and no carb diet, the pills that dont really make you full, the count your points diet, the pills that grab the fat and wash it out (Yuck) diet, the grapefruit till you puke diet and many more so when I speak to you, it is from experience and lots of trial and error over the years. So if you are ready to quit doing what’s wrong and if you are ready to finally lose weight, get into shape and not gain it all back 5 days after you lose it because you went back to a human diet again, then read on.

The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is two fold. First and most important in the beginning is that you must create a habit of exercise (keep reading, it isn’t that hard..really-I did it!) and second, and you can ease into this over a week or so is that you need to eat healthy foods most of the time. Since everyone seems to be allergic to some type of food, I won’t try to tell you what to eat but suffice it to say that if you eat garbage, you will look like garbage and you know what is good for you already, you just have to choose to avoid the pre packaged junk and eat fresh.

I will say that eating is GOOD and you can truly eat to your hearts content if you are eating the right foods. My work partners are astounded that I stay trim and lean but I am eating at least once every 2 hours and I eat all day long, seriously, I eat and eat and eat and I have a very low exercise job so it isn’t that I am burning calories all day at work. But you do have to burn some calories but that is so easy to get started it’s laughable, read on for the magic bullet to burning calories and creating a habit to work out daily.

Here is what I did to get started. I started walking for one minute. Yep, that was it. I walked for one minute the first few days and then I doubled it after a few days and so on until I was walking 20 to 30 minutes every day without even realizing it. I created a habit after a couple of weeks and because it was so easy, I was able to do it every day and became addicted to walking, which turne into jogging and walking which tuned into just jogging and now it truly is effortless to run and it was all started easily by just walking for a minute to start and increasing it very slowly. So now I eat healthy and I have created a habit of exercise that is effortless and in fact addicting to the point that I feel bad if I don’t get out and do it.

So sometimes you need a jumpstart with your weight loss to get you motivated. I have had the most success with formula one all natural weight loss drops, in fact I lost 37 pounds in three weeks once to get ready for a wedding with these weight loss drops and of course I gained most of it back because I didn’t start my new plan for a year after that but you can get a jumpstart and the do the plan if you want to kick your weight loss into overdrive. Make sure you consult a physician before starting any weight loss program or using weight loss drops and once you have the okay, get going.

Start asap, do it now. The sooner you start, the sooner life gets excellent and eventually you will be in amazing shape and wonder why you ever struggled. If you can get out of the house due to weather and you dont want to spend hours getting to the gym and having people stare at you, check out my site for some reviews on the best weight loss products that I have found including elliptical and treadmill machines and when you get serious, P90X and Insanity. You will get there, I promise. I wish you the best, you can do it and you only need to take a minute to get it going!

Matt is a dedicated to helping others succeed in Health, Wealth and Happiness. Matt Luke offers some valuable reviews and articles about some of the all time best weight loss products available on his website If you are serious about getting into great shape and becoming healthy, check out his site.

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