Why Credit Is Due In Losing Weight And Burning Pounds Off Fast Especially Before Spring Time!

By Blue Jackson

Spring time is almost here and right around the corner. Just the thought of it makes one feel very relieved, and looking forward to it from a long drawn out winter. Nothing against winter because it is beautiful in it’s own right, and that people can ski and sled, and ice skate, and shovel that white fluffy stuff off their driveways and burn some fat and calories off. When spring comes people can see the beautiful flowers blooming, and smell the fresh air that the flowers and other plants are bringing that makes the aroma all so refreshing and pleasant.

That brings the thought of the “biggest loser program” that was airing on television with it’s contestants trying to win the jackpot of who loss the most weight in a time period of maybe 8 weeks. While they were going through the training process with the trainers in that time period I believe they did not think it was a beautiful spring time, but more or less probably they felt it was a bad winter storm.

If you stayed tuned in through out that process you could see each one of the contestants transforming their body and even their mind set. You could see the trainers pushing them to get the most effort out of them to burn fat and lose some pounds. When some of the contestants did the weigh in to see how much weight they loss you could see how happy they were for the effort that they had put in.

Some of the contestants loss 15 pounds, some loss 12 pounds, some loss 10 pounds. That is what I call losing weight fast in a certain time frame. You could see when some of the contestants stepped down from the weigh in scale they would come and hug the trainers and some of the other contestants that were competing against them. This is what I call giving the trainers credit or their due respect for helping them to lose and take off some pounds.

A lot of times we need people and friends and family to encourage us to bring the best effort out of us to seek the goals we are trying to reach. Some times it may not be pretty, and there can be emotions flying high with some crying included. But in the end of all the sweat and tears brings a beautiful person out of an long drawn winter into a fresh, and beautiful spring like blossom that looks great and feels good about their self.

And in the end is the hugs of appreciation and the credit that is due for those who have helped them accomplish their goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you will make an effort to lose some weight before the spring flowers blossom.

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