Cut The Weight Without Cutting The Food

By Simon Templer

Good nutrition will always focus on quality more than quantity, that’s why the Food Circle is presented to us for prioritising certain foods, that is how you begin a weight loss plan, by eating properly.

You don’t need crazy diets, or to cut your eating in half to lose weight, eating less can provoke the opposite effect, by eating less, your basal metabolism rate also reduces, since the body will respond to the lack of food by not “burning” the food that it keeps stored in the form of fat, however if you really want to lose some extra calories with the assistance of weight loss foods, there are some suggestions we may provide to you. But be aware that these foods alone won’t do anything; you’ll need to keep a balanced diet, so more than just using these suggestions, include them in your meals.

Brown Rice:

White rice is common in our daily lives, but how about replacing it for brown rice? Although these two types of rice have the same amount of calories, but fibres ,minerals and vitamins are retained in brown rice, since the coating is maintained.


Beans are rich in proteins and soluble fibres and they are low in saturated fats, which reduces the bad cholesterol in our body.


Our body needs fat, and fish contain Omega-3, which reduces bad cholesterol.


These are rich in calories , a single nut has around 19 calories, so, how can they be helpful controlling your weight? Simple, they also have unsaturated fat, the “good” cholesterol that you should add to your body, and they are also rich in substances like potassium, proteins, fibres and vitamin E.


Apples: Water, fibres, vitamins, minerals and low in calories. It’s difficult to ask for more nutritious food than this. Good for digestion it reduces your appetite, it keeps you well fed and hydrated and you have the possibility of using the peel to do an healthy infusion, since that’s the most nutritious part of the apple.


The majority of our body elements are made of water, by not drinking plenty of it, you’ll be causing damages to yourself, it’s not caloric, so keep yourself well hydrated.


In ancient China, Emperors exclusively drank some varieties of tea. Why? Because it was believed that tea lengthened our lifespan, and it’s true, its properties in fact have that possibility since they increase the metabolism rate and eliminate toxins in our body which contribute to cell destruction and even assist in the digestion by breaking down fats and burning more calories making more energy available for the body. The balanced use of tea after meals is a healthy practice, but don’t overuse tea since increasing the metabolism beyond reason may lead to critical damages to your health and brain.

Skim milk:

Red pepper:

By adding red pepper to your meals, you’ll add spices that burn calories by increasing the metabolism rate and you won’t feel the need to eat fats and sweets.


It’s rich in fibres, which reduces hunger and accelerate the digestion, contributing to the weight loss. It also stabilises the levels of leptin, a hormone that controls hunger.

There are some common aspects within the majority of these foods, the presence of fibres .These substances reduce hunger and the sensation of having to eat, so they facilitate the transition for a healthy diet. Keep in mind the benefits of tea and their effects on a good digestion.

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