Top Tips to Losing Weight

By Martha Faithfull

1. Exercise More

I’m sure that is not what you wanted to see as No 1. Tip to losing weight but I’m afraid it is true; you loose more weight when you are active !

Just take these normal routine daily tasks as an example:-

How many calories you burn during 1 hour of a particular exercise is highly subjective. Calorie and exercise charts are meant to be used as guides only. They give you a rough idea of how many calories you may be burning while performing an exercise; you may be burning many more or fewer. Tracking how many calories you burn per exercise per hour can inspire you to exercise more than you would without this tracking ability. It can also encourage those who are prone to disliking exercise.

You can also discount the number of calories you would have burned had you done no exercise. Your burns calories just to keep it going: beating your heart, moving your blood, your body uses energy standing and contracting your muscles. Let’s say you naturally burn 100 calories per hour. So lets us see how many calories a given particular daily activities would expend:- Child Care: Bathing, feeding etc. – 300

Cleaning House – General – 300

Cooking or Standing: Light Effort – 180

Driving – 180

Reading or Sitting – Light Office Work – 120

Running up stairs – 1300

Bicycling – Leisure: Moderate Speed – 720

Running: 5 mph – 720

So there go….I do hope this has inspired you to do some exercise !

1. The Effect of Metabolism?

If you’re serious about boosting your metabolism, even when you’re sleeping, exercise–combined with good food choices–is the key. Cardiovascular exercise on a daily basis is the easiest and best way to increase basal metabolism. A high metabolism is what makes the body turn into a lean, mean fat-fighting machine.

The basal metabolic rate is the basically the amount of calories a person burns when resting just to stay alive. It’s a different amount for each person, and it depends on how active a person is, the physical condition they are in …as well as his genetic makeup, sex, height, weight, and age. Metabolic rates slow as we age. That explains why we can’t eat the same amount and types of food without gaining weight as we age.

Since metabolic rates slow as we age, food intake definitely matters. As the metabolism dictates the rate at which our bodies uses calories it follows it will determine whether you use or store the food eaten. Eating less causes the metabolic rate to slow down. However, eating small, healthy meals every 3 to 4 hours keeps the metabolic rate high. It is important to make wise food choices like grains, fruit, vegetables, protein (chicken, meat) and legumes. Another simply tip would be to eat more hot spicy foods which increases the metabolic rate. In essence, add a red pepper or curry powder to your meal.

3. Drink More Water

Now this is something anyone can do and you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes to the bodies energy function. We’ve all read the old recommendation that you should drink eight glasses of water per day but is it that important?

A well-hydrated body helps your muscles and organs to work quickly and efficiently. When your body is working well, it boosts your metabolic rate and helps you to feel more energetic. So just by simply drinking water you can increase your metabolism to burn calories 3% faster and as we all know the metabolism plays a big role to losing weight. In fact, did you know, if you put a little lemon juice in your water, it can further assist you with weight loss. Lemons are high in pectin fibre, which helps fight hunger cravings. It also has been shown that people who maintain a more alkaline diet lose weight faster! Wow how good is that!

Water is one of the most vital substances our body needs. It’s a great dietary tool and one that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

4. Acai Berries

Acai (pronounced ai-sigh-ee) are the fruits of a particular palm tree, which grows in the Brazilian rainforest. They look like blue berries. Recently acai berries have been hailed as a super-food, high in anti-oxidants and fibre. But acai berries spoil soon after picking and are not grown in the UK and few in the US, hence the proliferation of capsules and powders and pasteurised smoothies. Eating acai berries as part of a balanced diet may well have some health benefits. But, sadly for those of us battling with our weight, they will not help us shed miraculous amounts of weight in record time without diet and exercise.

I could not locate any peer reviewed study in humans or animals that specially looked at whether acai berries help weight loss. If you have used the acai diet and lost weight I’m chuft for you. However, there are many roads to weight loss and each person has to find the road that works for them. Keep in mind that all of those roads are paved with eating fewer calories and exercise. So sorry folks just taking the berry won’t make you loose weight.

5. African Mango for Weight Loss

The African mango, Irvingia gabonesis, is unlike other mangoes in that it produces an edible protein-rich seed that is commonly used in Cameroonian cooking. Extracts from the seeds are available in a tablet form, dubbed the ‘breakthrough supplement.’

In a 2005 study, the team studied 28 volunteers, comparing weight loss over four weeks between a group who were given a placebo and a group who were given African mango supplements. Taken before meals, three times a day, the study reported that those who took the African mango supplement lost 5.3% of their body weight, while the control group only lost 1.3%.

But it’s not time to invest in a swathe of mango farmland yet. The connection between fibres from fruits and fat control is age-old… the amazing” African mango” is nothing new. Capsules of African mango seed extract have a long way to go before they can serve the legitimate needs of an ever-obese public. If you eat most fresh fruit you’ll get vitamins and fibre, apples, oranges, grapefruit etc

6. Individuality

As individuals we are all different. There are many factors that should be taken into account if you are to lose weight safely. Age, height, weight, build, gender and metabolic rate are some of the most important issues. Your current health may be vital to, not only a successful diet but, a safe one. Underlying health problems can have a immense detriment to your wellbeing if you stop eating, start eating more or less of a food. It may be common sense, but you would be amazed how many inactive people can overdo exercise and do more harm than good.

I think it is vital to customize your weight loss to a diet plan that is right for you. During my research for these diet reviews I believe I have found an ideal programme. If you keep your eye out I will be reviewing it in my next article.

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