Which Kind of Carbohyrates Should You Consume For Weight Loss?

By Rob Harris

If general statements like saying “carbohydrates are bad for you” frustrate you, and you want to know more specifically, then, in this article, you will find out more. Then you will be more able to decide for yourself what carbohydrates you want to get into your diet in order to help you achieve your dieting goals.

Carbohydrates are the staple food for a lot of diets and meals, and can be found in pasta, potato and rice, among other foods. We know that there are healthy carbohydrates and unhealthy carbohydrates. While they can promote good health, when some are consumed in large amounts and on a regular basis, they can add to the risks of coronary heart disease.

They are an important part of a healthy diet, they give the body the fuel that it needs for exercise and physical activity as well as the proper and healthy function of vital organs, the best sources of being fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The most common forms of carbs are sugar, starches and fiber and these are found in staple foods like rice, pasta and potatoes, as mentioned above.

The National Academies Institute of Medicine recommend that people pay attention to getting more good carbohydrates into their diet specifically ones that are rich in fiber. Adults should get 45 to 65% of their daily calorific intake from carbohydrates is something that The National Academies Institute of Medicine also recommend.

So what constitutes a “good” carbohydrate? Natural and wholesome carbohydrates are the ones that you want in your diet. This is as opposed to ones that aren’t natural, are refined and ones that are highly processed. Unfortunately, many of us eat these almost every day, so, don’t worry, you are not alone in that sense.

By natural and wholesome foods, I mean vegetables, fruit, whole grain foods, potatoes and lentils. Carbohydrates to avoid would be foods such as white pasta, rice and bread and processed cereals. If you are ever in doubt about whether a food will be good for you, in terms of its carbohydrate content, think that the less processed the food the better.

The majority of health experts say that processed foods, sweetened beverages and grains that are refined are some of the bad carbohydrates that one can consume. Refined grains being white bread, pasta, rice and flour which all have their nutrients taken out of them.

However, it’s not just a case of simple carbs versus complex carbs, because fruits have simple sugars that are good for you. Dr Dariush Mozaffarian, associate professor of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health says that there are 4 standards for determining a good carbohydrate are the fiber content (more is better), how fast it makes your blood sugar level go up (glycemic index, lower is better), whole grain content (more is better) and structure (liquid and pulverized food not being as good for you).

For example, while Cheerios are 100% whole grain oats are good for their whole grain content and fiber, the pulverized oats make them not as good for you as whole grains that have not been ground down.

I hope that you now understand that you can’t just generally say that carbohydrates are good or bad, rather it is a case of picking the right sort of carbs into your diet and, as always, keeping everything in moderation.

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