How To Lose Weight Safely During Pregnancy

By Rob Harris

You are not on your own if you find that you want to lose weight while you are pregnant, a lot of women are overweight in the US. But you may be not quite sure of whether it is safe to lose weight, because of your baby, while you are with child.

Every body is different, so there are no set and fast rules that will be applicable to everyone, yet there are a few nutritional standards that can be followed as good general guidelines.

The prevention of birth defects is helped out by folic acid and about 800 mcg per day is required by the body before you become pregnant, while it’ll go up to 1000 mcg for during the pregnancy. Foods such as salad leaves and other vegetables are some sources that you can get the above from. It may also be worth looking to get a vitamin supplement to your diet.

Just because you are eating for two people while you are pregnant, you do not need to double what you consume, when it comes to calories. In order to stop yourself from gaining any unwanted additional weight, you can keep in mind that, according to the American Pregnancy Association, the baby inside you will needs an additional 300 calories per day to your normal diet, in order to grow.

It is quite possible to lose weight in a healthy manner while you are pregnant, and keep the baby healthy, you just have to be careful in order to make sure that the baby is still getting what nutrients it needs and that you are also doing the same for your own body.

Some women find that by merely substituting fast foods and junk food for healthy alternatives, like a salad, they lose weight and feel better about themselves because of the weight that they have lost.

When you undertake any new exercise or diet regime, it is always a good idea to get expert advice from a nutritionist or doctor and the above should not be taken as medical advice.

Research by The British Medical Journal, looked at what had been found out by 44 previous studies that had involved more than 7000 women and concluded that going along with a diet that was healthy and not necessarily aimed at people who were pregnant and eating for two people, does prevent excess weight gain and reduces the risk of complications in the body.

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