This Mother Absolutely Needed To Lose Weight

By Rob Harris

Do you find, as a parent, that you don’t have a lot of time to keep to any diet you try out, so that you can lose weight? You might find that you’re too busy to be able to follow your diet and exercise because you have to look after your child or children instead? Imagine the satisfaction you would get if you were able to get the body you want whilst still being able to spend the time with your children.

Encourage your children to get involved in your exercise routine by teaching them simple techniques while you do your own. This will help on several levels in the sense that they will learn about the importance of exercise and fitness, you will spending time with your children that they will enjoy and they’ll be having fun.

Wash your car instead of taking it through a local car wash. This is a good form of physical exercise, scrubbing away when cleaning the car, will get your car looking better at the same time and will save you money on car washes. You can also get your children involved in helping to clean.

Doing housework at a faster pace than you normally would will burn off some extra calories, as it’ll be a more intense form of exercise. Not only that, but you will get the work done quicker and therefore free up some time or just be able to get more done. Listen to some music whilst doing it in order to make the process a bit more enjoyable, if you find it tedious.

Use workout DVDs that give you exercises that you can do from your living room. Similar to the tip above, if you get an exercise that you can encourage your children to try, you can do it with them at the same time. If you do them without your children, you could get up a bit earlier and do the exercise before getting the children up and ready for school.

Use your children for motivation. Cacia Griggs, from the UK says that she saw an article in the paper about obese parents making their children more likely to become the same and this was the breaking point that made her realize she had to do something about it. “The thought of subjecting my beautiful little girl to a lifetime of weight-battling misery and ill-health was too much for me to bear. In that moment, I knew I had to make a change and it had to be now.” Says Griggs.

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