How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Effectively

By Maria Bennett

Many individuals with cellulite regard this as a problem and that they need help with cellulite. There are various reasons for why cellulite is formed. A large number of research has been done on this topic. Knowing what the causes are, as well as some ways to get rid of or prevent cellulite being formed, might be useful. Cellulite refers to a condition where the skin has lumpy, dimpled appearance in regions of the skin that have underlying fat deposits.

Usually cellulite occurs after puberty on the buttocks and the thighs. It is known as Adiposis Edematosa in medicine. Both sexes can get cellulite, but usually women have more problems with it.

The Main Causes of Cellulite

Among the other factors that cause this condition, are hormonal factors. Such hormones as noradrenalin, prolactin, estrogen and insulin are believed to play a big role in forming of cellulite.

Genetics and genes are believed to also predispose person to cellulite formation. For example, characteristics like race and gender, slow metabolism, circulatory insufficiency and fat distribution are considered to be related to cellulite condition.

The cellulite formation also depends on a diet to a large extend. For example, if an individual tends to eat mainly fat, salt or carbohydrates, with little fiber, he/she will find that cellulite is quickly forming.

Smoking or sedentary life are other two factors connected with lifestyle that promote cellulite formation and require help with cellulite.

Clothing factor is also important as too tight underwear promotes to increase the problem by limiting the blood circulation in the buttocks.

Cellulite and effective ways to remove it

Many people use some of these effective physical therapeutic methods to get positive results in cellulite removing. The most popular techniques are:

• Massages that promote lymphatic flow, • Pneumatic massages, • Radio frequency therapy, • Ultrasound, • Magnetic therapy, • Heat therapy, • Endermologie, • Radial waves therapy, • Electrical stimulation, • Endermologie

Although these methods are still not scientifically proved, they are widely used to get rid of this problem.

Among others, there are some pharmaceutical ways to remove cellulite, such as:

• Amino acids • Indian chestnut • Ginkgo biloba • Alpha antagonists • Pentoxifylline • Beta agonists • Caffeine and theobromine

Along with expensive surgery or creams, some more affordable and effective methods exist that can help you with cellulite. These are:

The look of cellulite can be vastly reduced with the help of espresso granules, which are applied directly on the affected place.

For long-term results, you need to change your eating habits, replacing all unhealthy meals with foods rich in fibers and healthy fats.

Such healthy foods as broccoli, kale, grapes and cherries should be consumed daily, due to the healthy nutritious elements they contain.

You should also consume food rich in fiber content. Tuna, herring and salmon are also among the foods that are considered beneficial for

If you really want to get rid of cellulite completely, you should change your unhealthy habits permanently and to follow healthy diet combined with a lot of exercises. Remember that there is no magic product that can guarantee long-term effects. Even the surgery cannot do that. What you really need is to live healthy in order to find help with cellulite.

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