Blender Breakfast – Is This The Best Weight Loss Plan?

By Maria Bennett

A new method, known as juicing for weight loss, becomes increasingly popular today. More and more people prefer to take some fruit and vegetable shakes to get rid of the toxins and get some extra energy throughout their day. Instead of a breakfast of a toast with butter and jam, people that are on this diet, get these quality shakes. Keep on reading to learn more about this method and its benefits.

It can be very beneficial for your health to be only
on juices and nothing else for a few days, in order to lose some extra weight, but if you do this for a prolonged time, that could be dangerous. In that case essential nutrients needed for normal body processes can be run out. For this reason, it is recommended to seek an advice from essential nutrient or a doctor, who will take into account your overall health condition, before prescribing you the right diet.

Choosing what sort of fruits or vegetables to include into your daily juices is up to you, but you should know some simple rules. Firstly, choose only ripe fruits for your shakes. Secondly, if that is possible, choose the ones that grow organically without any amount of harmful chemicals. Third, try to always make juices before drinking, keeping them fresh. This will ensure they contain all vitamins that are beneficial for your health.

Some of people find it easier to be on juicing for weight loss during the summer or spring months, as it is easier to find fresh fruits during that period and we are naturally predisposed to choose lighter meals. Women wish to fit into their bikini and to look more attractive on the beach. There are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores, so you can take advantage of them to get rid of the extra pounds that have been piled up during the winter.

Along with other great benefits that juice shakes may offer, is healing from certain serious diseases. Actually, a lot of natural medicine experts recommend their patients fasting based on fruit juices to improve their health. In addition to fruit juices, people can take also some cleansing teas, such as nettle, peppermint or chamomille that help body successfully eliminate toxins from it.

Apart from fruit juices, the vegetable shakes are not less beneficial. You can, for example, try a classic mixture of radishes, carrots, cucumber and celery. Many health professionals recommend getting a morning shake of old kale and broccoli due to its healthy ingredients that improve the health condition of the entire body. Drink kale during the week-days and consume toasts at week-ends is a secret that can be used for successful long-term results when juicing for weight loss.

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