Simple Diet Tips For Melting Away Cellulite

Looking at the mirror each day and watching that damn cellulite sitting there is one of the most annoying problems most women face. And it’s no fun knowing that while cellulite affects most women, men are usually spared, and are blissfully unaware of how much it affects our self esteem. But there are diet tips for minimizing your cellulite’s appearance. Here are some of the easy ones to try first.

These Are The Foods For Fighting Cellulite

There are plenty of foods that fight cellulite buildup, just like there are also meals and snacks that will cause it to get worse. Eating foods that help you balance hormone levels, and supplementing those with foods that lower inflammation are the key. Foods that contain a lot of sulfur can also lower your body’s cellulite levels.

Foods that can improve your blood’s circulation are something else you should try to add to your menu, as are foods that have a high level of vitamin C. Because cellulite reduction is too large a topic to cover in one article, today we’ll focus on things that can help you to manage the hormone levels in your body.

Foods Should Avoid – It’s A Pretty Long List

It’s been revealed that having high levels of estrogen can increase your body’s cellulite production. And few people realize that just drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can increase your estrogen levels by anything up to 68%. In addition, cooking oils and products that contain non-fermented soy tend to increase estrogen levels, meaning you should also avoid these as well.

Good Foods That Battle Your Cellulite

The best foods for fighting cellulite are those that are high in fiber and rich in sulfur. Ground flaxseed is good for you if you can add it to your diet, and even though flax itself is a phytoestrogen (which is bad), it’s still recommended in moderation. That’s because the lignans in flax contain anti-estrogen properties, which cancels out the effect of phytoestrogen. You do need to be careful though, because flax loses it’s estrogen-fighting properties when it is pressed into oil, so stick with organic ground flaxseed and stay away from flax oils.

A Dozen Additional Cellulite Reducing Foods

There are plenty of other foods that fight cellulite, and these include chia seeds (which are quite high in fiber), sulphur rich foods such as cabbage, radishes, broccoli, watercress, kale, hemp seeds, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, pumpkin seeds, and spirulina. You should also consider quinoa in your diet. By choosing to follow some of these food recommendations, you should see improvement in the look of your cellulite in the weeks and months ahead.

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