Juicing For Weight Loss – What You Need To Know

By Maria Bennett

Being a part of well-balanced and healthy diet, juicing for weight loss starts to increase in popularity due to its multiple benefits. It offers high quality fruit or vegetable shakes for breakfast, instead of toasts with jam or butter, which allows body to remove the toxins and get some more energy throughout a day. You can learn more about this method below.

It can be very beneficial for your health to be only on juices and nothing else for a few days, in order to lose some extra weight, but if you do this for a prolonged time, that could be dangerous. In that case essential nutrients needed for normal body processes can be run out. For this reason, it is recommended to seek an advice from essential nutrient or a doctor, who will take into account your overall health condition, before prescribing you the right diet.

It is up to the individual to chose from using fruits or vegetables, or a mixture of this for the shakes. Firstly, if you are using fruits, always choose ripe fruits and if possible organically grown. It is best to use fruits that are grown with minimal amounts of chemicals. Secondly, it is best to prepare the juice at the time of drinking, when the juice is very fresh and still includes all vitamins.

Many people choose juicing for weight loss in the spring or summer. This may be because we are inclined to prefer lighter meals in warm weather, or we want to fit into the bikini for the beach. Or simply because there are so many delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores. Juicing for weight loss is ideal if you want to get rid of a couple extra chocolate pounds that might
have piled up during the winter months.

Juice shakes can improve your health and even can heal certain kind of diseases. A lot of people get rid of their serious alignments with the help of fasting on fruit juices. Along with healthy benefits, juices help people get rid of their extra pounds. Those who would like to make longer fasting should include some cleansing teas into their diet too, such as peppermint, nettle or chamomille.

Vegetables are also ideal when juicing for weight loss. A blend of carrots, celery, cucumber and radishes are a classic and good combination. At the moment it seems that most health experts are strongly recommending the good old kale and broccoli as the best ingredients for the morning shakes. I must say this is great advice and something I agree with. Perhaps kale on week-days and toast at week-ends will give the best long lasting results when juicing for weight loss.

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