The Honest Truth About Detox Diets

By Pamela Castle

We all know that by having a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly we will live longer and healthier lives. There is an argument recently in the media about whether detox diet plans have any benefit to us and should be included into our healthy lifestyles. There will constantly be people with opposite opinions, but the general agreement seems to be that regular, responsible detox diet can certainly can have some positive effects.

What exactly is a detoxification diet? Well, there are really all sorts of diets that fall into this category, but they all have the same goal. This goal is to cleanse the digestive system of harmful and toxic substances.We get rid of these harmful substances normally through our urine, feces, and sweat. Detox diets are designed to take this a step further and help our body with this elimation process. With regular detoxification, certain diseases can be avoided, as well as increased focus, energy, and stamina. Another benefit of a detox diet would be quick weight loss.

Exactly what are some popular detox diets? There are actually hundreds of diet plans that are believed to assist with the detoxification procedure. One popular one now is called The Master Cleanse, which Yolanda from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made popular. It involves a liquid mixture of lemons and herbs, and very little or no food. Another popular diet plan is a sugar detox diet, which rids your body of sugars for 3 weeks. Various other detox diets remove all processed foods from your diet and concentrate on only organic vegetables and fruits. Still others focus primarily on drinking a lot of water and staying clear of food completely. This would be the hardest to follow, but individuals have been doing this kind of diet plan to cleanse their systems since the beginning of time.

Staying healthy and at an appropriate weight can be difficult today with all the options and convenience foods regularly calling to us. None of us are always perfect, and even when our diet plans are mostly healthy, there is always room for improvement. If we’ve only gotten off track for a week or two while on vacation a detox diet can help you to get back on track rapidly. Also, if our diets have been completely unhealthy for a long period of time, a detox diet can be beneficial to help you to feel better quickly as well as get rid of some unwanted toxins.

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