Confused About Weight Loss Plans?

By Peg Sanders

You can become very confused when trying to find a weight loss plan that will really work for you, because there are so many plans out there, so you try several different ones and fail again and again at achieving your weight loss goals.

Honestly, dieting is difficult, something you won’t hear from many nutritionists.

So most people don’t get excited about dieting and perhaps becoming more stressed out by having to follow a confusing and very time-consuming program.

But I’m here to tell you that there IS a very simple and easy way to lose weight and also flatten your stomach and still have those enjoyable daily “treats”. Just eat your meals at a certain time of day and your fat-burning hormones will really kick in, finally tackling that stubborn belly fat.

Instead of starting with yet another weird diet, here are a few suggestions you might finally be willing to try.

#1: Intermittent fasting, also called I.F., really makes the fat-burning hormones work because you’re eating your meals during a specific time of the day. It’s great for removing that stubborn belly fat.

#2: To keep the hunger away, try drinking two high protein, fat-burning shakes during the day.

#3: Then, for your evening meal, eat a nutritionally balanced meal.

You start your day by skipping breakfast, (I know, doctors recommend just the opposite), and have your first meal of the day at noon, consisting of a high protein shake using a couple scoops of a low carb protein powder, a cup of “unsweetened” coconut milk or “unsweetened” almond milk, add some yogurt, some frozen berries or fruit, flavoring and Stevia for sweetener. Then add ice and blend.

After a few hours, around 3 pm, have another high protein, all natural shake to help keep the hunger away. You can vary the ingredients and experiment with different flavors.

At dinnertime, around 6 pm, have a healthy meal consisting of a lean protein like chicken, turkey, wild salmon, or grass-fed beef, a serving being the size of the palm of your hand and the thickness of a deck of cards. For your choice of carbs, have about a half cup of quinoa, barley or beans, or half a sweet potato. You can eat all you want of the fibrous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, peas, or even have a dinner salad using olive oil for the dressing and seasonings for flavor.

Realize how important it is to choose the RIGHT foods and also the need to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Hydration is extremely vital in the process of breaking down fat. For your morning coffee, why not switch to green tea or organic coffee in the morning.

Take a day off from this eating plan one day a week and enjoy regular meals all day, making that day a Saturday or any other day that you wish.

You will achieve amazing results by following this diet for 30 days. You can then take a week off and repeat. It’s that simple!

Use this plan to fight flab fast because it really works and works like a charm.

Summarizing, you need to drink two fat-burning shakes a day and then eat a nutrient-rich dinner. It’s simple, easy and fast, however, the KEY is to know when to stop eating after your evening meal and to not eat again until it’s time for your first meal the next day. This really gets your fat-burning hormones working, helps shrink your stomach, and keeps insulin, that hormone that stores fat, in check.

If all you’ve got to lose is that stubborn belly fat, then why not give it a try to get a flat belly fast, the simple and easy way.

If your main goal is to lose fat, not just weight which can be water and muscle, then you will achieve your goal with this plan.

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