How To Lose 4 to 8 Pounds Of Body Fat In 30 Days

By Nico Valla

This is a whistle stop guide to losing weight sustainable and safely. It is short because I know you are busy, so please take five minutes to read and implement the advice – it’ll be worth it. Good luck!

What would losing 4 to 8 lbs of body fat mean to you?

Would you look and feel better? Would your health improve? Would you be more confident? Maybe you need to get into shape for a wedding or event. Whatever it means to you it is very achievable.

4lbs – How much is this?

4lbs of body fat is the equivalent in size to 8 blocks of butter, and 8lbs of fat, 16 blocks of butter! Size it up next time you are in the supermarket, and imagine how much your life would improve if you lost it!

Why Not More?

Why can’t I recommend losing more than this amount of fat in 4 weeks? After all it is splashed all over the media that losing a stone in a flash is easy!

The reason is because of the rebound effect. The yoyo effect that is the nemesis of so many of us who want to lose weight often comes about if we try to lost weight too fast.

Your body is very clever and largely hormones govern weight loss or weight gain. Two hormones I want to address today are leptin and Insulin.

If you drop fat too fast leptin kicks in. It is linked closely to fat levels and if they drop too fast leptin prevents us from losing more fat, until the initial level of fat has been re-established. How frustrating for anyone trying to lose weight!

Secondly insulin, triggered by food, ensures that sugar in the blood is locked away. There are two choices for energy storage. It can either be stored in muscles as glycogen (good) or in adipose tissue (fat cells – bad).

Get to the point! How to lose 1-2lbs weekly for 30 days! To lose the fat, improve your health and feel great in 30 days you need to consider three things. Consumption, as in eating and drinking, movement as in exercise and energy used, and mindset as in stress, which has a huge impact hindering, weight loss.


If you create a calorie deficit of 500kcals daily this equals 3500 calories weekly – the equivalent to 1lb of fat in terms of energy! See where this fits in?

However it is not wise to restrict calories beyond this so maintain regular meals, include protein at every meal and avoid sugar and high GI foods.

Assuming you are average male or female you ought to aim for 2000 or 1500 calories respectively, daily.

But not all calories are equal

It is true that all calories are equal in terms of energy provided. However the effect on your insulin hormone from protein, fat and carbohydrate calories varies massively.

In a nutshell, fat and protein consumption will result in lean bodies and fat loss, and carbohydrates from grains and sugar will result in fat storage, weight gain and increased inflammation, diabetes and ‘western’ disease.

Relax to lose weight

Stress results in cortisol hormone production and this leads to fat storage. Remove the stress and the fat will melt away.

Combat work related stress with relaxation methods, get enough sleep, remove caffeine or alcohol stress from your diet, remember to eat a protein rich snack every 4 hours and consider supplementing with magnesium before bed.

Move – Fast!

This bit is very important. Did you know that the sedentary lifestyle has overtaken smoking as the biggest killer in the developed world? Follow the exercise plan I provided you and this will help you create a calorie deficit. High intensity and resistance workouts will also help you manage insulin levels and sugar, relieve stress, make you feel great, and melt body fat.

You’ll look and feel brilliant in no time with high intensity exercise, and due to the nature of the exercises they are short so there is no excuse!


1. Work out 3-6 times weekly but keep the sessions short and tough – long sessions result in cortisol production.

2. Create a calorie deficit but ensure you eat regularly and drink lots of water!

3. Consume protein at every meal, with green vegetables and leaves.

4. Aim for a ratio of 5:1 vegetables to fruit for weight loss, and 3:1 for general health. After all consider fructose as a sugar.

5. Remember weight loss is different to fat loss. Get a tape measure and track your progress in the workout log.

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