Friendly Diets That Tone The Tummy

By Helen Aldin

There is truth in the saying that you are what you eat. Often times we satisfy the demands of our taste buds than the requirements of our body. But if you want tone abs, you have to sacrifice on calorie packed food and start eating healthy. Eating healthy means cutting down on meats, and eating more green leafy vegetables and fruits. Here are some healthy tips that could help you shed some of the tummy pounds.

Eating like a king for breakfast

Eating a huge breakfast meal lessens the hunger pangs. Notice that if you eat a big breakfast, you’ll lessen tendencies to binge for the remaining part of the day. For a healthy breakfast, you can try eating oatmeal with fruits and combining it with milk. Oatmeal gives you that stomach full effect that could trick your brain into thinking that you are already full and that you don’t need to take snacks before your next full meal.

Fighting off hunger pangs

One way to ward off hunger pangs is to eat protein rich foods like egg whites, legumes, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy products. Protein gives you that feeling of being full all throughout the day.

Be conscious of your calorie intake

No doubt that people need calories, especially those who has an active lifestyle. It is carbohydrates that give us energy. However, too much carbohydrate can add up to the excess tummy flab. For people looking to lessen their carbohydrate intake, avoid eating rice because it can bloat your tummy. You can substitute rice with potatoes or sweet potatoes; they have the same nutrients but with less flab effect. You can also pack on the carbohydrates without packing on the pounds by eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables which can easily be broken down and used up by the body.

Eat fruits like avocados

Eating avocados are known to have positive effects in shedding off weight bulge. How? The monounsaturated fats in avocados thwarts fat accumulation.The best diet solutionIn order to lose the pounds and ultimately the tummy bulge, it is advisable to stick with a quasi-vegetarian diet concentrated on high protein foods. It is also recommended to combine the diet with a regular exercise regimen. Diet alone does not solve your tummy flab problems; it’s the marriage of diet and exercise that does the trick.

Eat fruit for sugar

The best most nautral way to get a sugar kick is through fruit. Next time you are feeling energless and lathergic avoid the refined foods and sugars, such as chocolate bars and sugary sweets, instead pick up a bunch of grapes or a delicious mango and curb your sugar craving.

Sarah Peel is an expert with over 6 years experience in the health and fitness industry and two years in medicine.
I am a weight loss advisor, dance teacher, fitness instructor and japanese medicine student

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