Big Men Can’t Diet

By Tim D Dowland

Well, it’s not that they can’t diet or that they don’t have it in them to diet, it’s much more about the difficulty of keeping to a regime of healthier eating. Men are creatures of habit, no matter what the habit they will stick to it, bad diet in big men usually stems from either childhood or from easy cooking family life.

As a child you were always told to clear your plate, or always pushed to eat more and more, and once married life begins or kids arrive food becomes something that is focused far more around children and what they consent to eat. What we all forget is that children are calorie burning machines, they burn calories much easier than adults, Turkey Twizzlers and chips don’t effect them in the same way. We also have the infamous dustbin scenario where, usually the dad of the family, mops up any leftovers to save throwing anything away, this is a classic slippery slope in gaining weight – stealing a few chips off the kids plate. Portion control is so difficult in family life, because children are so fickle when it comes to eating, and because of this there are always left overs, parents will always cook more rather than less, and what’s the point in putting enough left overs in the fridge to feed one person the following day. It’s usually easier just to finish the food off while it’s hot and at its best, this is a classic habit forming way of gaining weight, because for one thing you have no idea how much extra food you’re eating above what you would normally consume.

Then of course we come to alcohol, most men like a drink, a few beers after work, or a bottle of wine, this is one of the easiest of habits to form because in your mind you will be promising yourself, ‘I’ll have nothing tomorrow or I’ll have less tomorrow’ but the point is you never do, tomorrow never seems to come. What is the point in leaving 1/4 of a bottle of wine as there is not enough for the next day anyway. In most cases your mind makes the decision for you, without consulting your body size. When you think that a pint of strong lager is about 300 calories, it doesn’t take long to double your calorie intake every day.

So in conclusion: There is no doubt that trying to make a massive change to your eating habits will have an immediate effect but, it will not last. It’s all about sustainability! Don’t do something one week because your upset about a comment someone has made about your size, and then revert back a week later, it’s pointless.

Here are two top tips to lose weight sustainably:

1/ If you drink everyday, find a replacement drink for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for instance cold low calorie tonic water on its own is a fantastic drink, and at about 4 calories a pint it’s great for you. By making this immediate simple change you could easily cut out a whole days food intake per week, this will make a difference and you will quickly start losing weight, and as soon as you start to see a change in your body shape, losing weight becomes much easier mentally.

2/ Stop eating the left overs off other peoples/childrens plates. Throw it away or save it for the next day. Don’t stop eating, just cut down on the extra your eating on top of your main meal, it really doesn’t take much to put your self into a plus calorie situation.

Simple steps to lose weight: There is no point in crash dieting, because the male animal can’t keep it up, being miserable because your on a diet for a week is 7 days of sadness, then going on a binge and putting the weight back on over 7 days makes you unhappy for half of your lifetime. Little changes mean a lot. Start by following the first two steps in this article and you will notice a difference, it will be sustainable, you will feel better and you will lose weight.

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