Low Fat – Is It Really As Good As It Seems

By Caroline Turner

One of the myths that marketing men have produced for the diet market is that low fat or fat free versions of food should be part of your diet intake as they’re healthier and will help you to lose weight.

The facts are that we need fat in our food – your body needs fat everyday to function properly. Your brain needs fat – your bones need fat – your skin needs fat.

What your body doesn’t need is excess fat – a full English breakfast, for example, followed by a MacDonalds for lunch and a meat pie in the evening snacking on crisps with a pint in front of the television. That is fat overload.

Moderation is essential to be able achieve your goals. Add in fruit and vegetables, substitute chicken for red meat and meat products. Low Fat or Fat Free versions of any type of food, most often dairy foods, are totally unnecessary in your diet. One of the problems with society’s eating habits is that we eat too many man made over produced foods. Low fat alternatives fall totally within this category. They are so over produced and altered that there’s hardly anything natural left in them. Just look at the ingredients on the pack. Most of them you’ve never heard of unless you’re a scientist. They taste of nothing and have no nutritional value at all.

Fat tastes good. It’s often what gives the memorable taste to your favourite food. It’s certainly what makes a burger taste good. What would a fat free burger be like? I shudder to think. There’s nothing wrong with having a burger with all the trimmings. Just not everyday. Try a taste test between a low fat ice cream and “real” ice cream. Just from the look of them you know which one will taste better. One, pale and uninteresting, the other oozing goo and looking yummy. You can eat these full fat versions – just eat in moderation. Small portions occasionally is the way to go, use them as a treat when you’ve been very good with the salads!

What the marketing men don’t tell you is that if they take the fat out – there’s absolutely nothing left, not taste, no substance – so they have to add other ingredients – and what do they add? Sugar in all of its various forms both real and artificial – which puts calories back in so what do you end up with. An artificial over produced manmade tasteless version with only a few calories less than the tasty nutritional original. I know which version I prefer.

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