How to Eat to Lose Weight

By Kristine Penn

The healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet. Scientists tracking the health benefits of this diet concluded the study early so that all participants could be told they should be on the Mediterranean diet. After taking everything into account (gender, age, alcohol, lifestyle, etc.) it was proven beyond a doubt that the Mediterranean way of eating was the most heart-healthy diet.

One way to make this diet even better is to also take into account your metabolic individuality. And that is easy. Follow the guidelines below.

Blood Type O: You need to consume high-protein foods like meat and fish. Vegetables and fruits are also a good choice for you. Limit your intake of grains.

Blood Type A: You are more of a natural vegetarian. Vegetables, grains, beans, legumes and fruits are good. Some seafood and tofu are beneficial. Avoid meat and dairy.

Blood Type B: You are a balanced omnivore (eating both animal and plants). That means you can metabolize all kinds of foods. (Lucky you!) Meat, dairy, grains, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables are all good for you. Chicken may not be.

Blood Type AB: You are an omnivore in moderation. You can eat most foods, but not as freely as a Type O person. If you have a weight problem avoid red meat, kidney beans, seeds, corn and buckwheat.

The Mediterranean diet is steeped in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, olive oil and more. When you start consuming real, whole foods like these you will get healthier over the next year and then for the rest of your life.

What is the most common health problem Americans suffer from despite 10 to 15 years of low-fat diets and foods? The answer is clogged arteries and heart disease. The solution to these kinds of problems is not a low-fat diet – which has become a cruel hoax in medical circles. Why? The typical low-fat fare causes people to get fatter. Look at the ingredient list on that low-fat food item you’re buying. It will have less fat, but more carbohydrates. This, of course means more sugar.

Studies prove that eating low-fat causes the body to make more fat at a dramatically increased rate which is then stored more easily. And unlike the clinical studies proving this fact, there is no proof at all that eating higher fat diets causes obesity.

The American food pyramid is a joke, politically influenced by the major food and meat manufactureres and processors. It is a formula for disaster! The Mediterranean food pyramid is the way you need to be eating to get healthy and lose weight. (As with any new diet you undertake, check with your physician first.)

Kristine Penn has recently lost twenty pounds and would like to share her success with others. For more information see her website:

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