Weight Loss Is Not Just About Calories

By Phil Proctor

Many people believe that if you just eat fewer calories you will automatically lose weight. There are several studies that show that this is not completely true. There are several factors that are involved in efficient weight loss. Simply reducing your caloric intake leads to yo-yo weight. While you’re on the diet you lose weight and after you go off the diet you put on more weight than you lost.

Many high calorie foods are nutrient deficient. This leads to a condition referred to as fat bellied starvation. Many people are pleasantly surprised to learn the you can actually eat more and lose weight. Many of our diets today consists of highly processed food. The processing removes many of the nutrients and adds extra calories. These processed foods also include several additives which in some cases directly inhibit weight loss.

We are learning today that environmental toxins are also a contributing cause to obesity. When you are exposed to a toxin your body will do the best it can to eliminate it. If the toxic load is too great or your immune system is compromised it may not be possible to eliminate the toxin. If it cannot be eliminated, it must be stored. Excess toxins are typically stored in fat cells. In order to remove these toxins they must be taken back out of the fat cells, put into circulation and eliminated. This can lead to a vicious cycle. When the toxins are put back in circulation you may not feel well and as a result take a medication to ease the symptoms. The medications in turn slow the toxic elimination process or even add to the toxic load. If we are aware of what is happening in the body there are ways that we can assist the body to efficiently remove the toxins. In many cases the reduction of toxins will also result in weight loss.

Many people are surprised to learn the toxic beliefs can have a profound effect upon our weight. The body is always striving to balance itself. The more toxic an individual becomes, the more difficult it is for the body to balance. It is this imbalance that leads to degenerative disease and sickness. If you have been led to believe something through false advertising, or misleading advertising that is not true you may become the victim of a toxic belief. Toxic beliefs have a significant effect on your emotions. Emotions such as anger, hate, greed, guilt and selfishness will all affect your behavior and actions. It is very difficult to deal objectively with these issues by yourself.

Our beliefs are a component of our spiritual domain. Our beliefs determine our actions. Our actions determine our ability to lose weight. Therefore, weight loss in its truest sense, is a spiritual problem. This is a big reason why if your beliefs and actions do not agree you will not be successful in weight loss. If for example, you believe that your only problem is over eating, and you ignore why you overeat, you will not be successful in losing weight long term. Many people find a lifestyle coach very helpful. They can often times help you see things more objectively. They also can provide encouragement and acceptance that are very important to your success.

If you are not satisfied with the diets that you have tried, and are willing and ready to make some simple lifestyle changes I invite you to take advantage of our free online Christian lifestyle coaching at www.wlmin.com now.

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