Informative Tips On How To Maintain Weight During This Year’s Holiday Season

By Joshua Williams

As the sun goes down earlier, the days shorter and the evenings have become longer people tend to stay inside a bit longer this time of year, thus exercising significantly less throughout the fall and winter months. Many of us have spent all spring and summer trying to lose weight and get fit, until we get to the point of looking good and feeling well. With two major American holidays ending on New Years Eve the overweight and obese face waking up on January 1st feeling guilty, unwell, and as if the past year has been wasted. This cycle is now in effect to repeat itself year after year. This is potentially demoralizing for the overweight and obese. This seesaw effect on body weight has its own health issues in itself and studies indicate that stable-body weight is healthier in the long term and has a huge impact on the mental well-being of the overweight and obese. With just a few small adjustments and the following tips we all can slow down and stop the inevitable weight gain of the holiday season and get a jump on weight loss for the upcoming year.

Breakfast – skipping breakfast will prove to be a big mistake. Showing up to a feast while starving couldn’t be unhealthier. When hungry the ability to eat increases dramatically. Turkey Skin- turkey skin should be avoided like the plague. Turkey skin contains many calories and non-usable fats. Physical Activity- going for a walk before the holiday dinner will burn almost 10% of your caloric intake. Get involved in the family football or basketball game. Only One Large Dinner- be sure to have only one large dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two or more large meals in one day are an enormous caloric intake. Proving to be completely unhealthy and detrimental to weight loss.

For the holiday season, be sure to remember that this is a festive time of the year and important for your well being to enjoy yourself and family. Realistically it may be more practical to focus on maintaining your weight rather than losing weight during this time of the year. Intelligent eating, portion size, and exercise can help overweight and obese people maintain their weight and help you get off to a great year following the holidays. Remember that most holiday foods like turkey, sweet potatoes, squash, nuts and cranberries are naturally healthy therefore should be eaten during the holiday season. While foods containing high caloric intakes like egg yolks, mashed potatoes and gravy, and turkey skin should be avoided.

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