What is a Carb Cycling Diet and Can it Help With Weight Loss?

By Lee Cork

Carb Cycling is a common method for building muscles and burning body fat, and is also known as a carb rotation diet.

As compared to other diets, this one is not very restrictive, helping you lose weight healthily.

What is the carb cycling diet for weight loss?

As the name suggests, the carb cycling diet is a combination of two main characteristics. During this diet, you can eat carbs a few days, alternating those with low carb or no carb days.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the diet, while avoiding at the same time its side-effects. One of the most common carb cycling programs is made up of five days of low carb and two days of high carb. However, these two high carb days do not have to be consecutive.

The way people choose to alternate high carb and low carb days is their own decision; it is not an established rule.

On the high carb days, you have to get half of your daily calories from carbohydrates, while on the lower carb days you have to reduce to almost zero grams the consumption of carbohydrates.

Before starting this diet, you have to calculate how many calories your body needs every day and how many carbs you have to eat.

Besides the fact that this diet is very effective and can help you lose weight, it is also very healthy, because it includes the consumption of vegetables, fruits, high fiber carbs, low saturated fats, low GI, and a medium intake of unsaturated fats.

For the best results, you also have to avoid sugar intake (excepting that which is in fruits) and refined carbohydrates.

The carb cycling diet for weight loss and its benefits:

Weight loss.

The main advantage of following this diet is that you can lose weight not only fast, but also in a healthy way. Many dieters state that they have used this diet successfully, thus gaining a normal weight and a healthier body and mind.

Healthy diet.

As mentioned above, the carb cycling diet is also very healthy because it promotes the consumption of foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fats, and fiber. A healthy diet not only helps you maintain a normal weight, it also offers you protection from diseases.

Easy to follow.

As compared to a low carb diet, the carb cycling diet for weight loss is easier to follow because it is not that restrictive. Consequently, you will have no problem following it for a long period of time.

The best thing about this diet is that, although you have to be quite disciplined about what you eat, you can still consume tasty foods in order to get enough nutrients and have enough energy for your daily activities.

It is well known that the carb cycling diet for weight loss has been used successfully followed, not only by common people, but also by athletes and fitness trainers.

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