Want To Lose Weight? Avoid These 3 Diet Mistakes

By Jon Allo

You are probably making some serious diet mistakes if you have tried lots of different weight loss programs and not lost any weight. You can be on the best diet ever, but you will not lose any weight if your attitude is wrong.

There are three common diet mistakes that are the reason why many people give up on their diet program and fail to lose the weight that they wanted.

1. Trying To Be Perfect All The Time

Many people feel that for a diet program to work they must do everything perfectly. They think that it is an all-or-nothing approach to the diet plan. One of the worst diet mistakes is thinking that if you do not exactly follow your diet plan all of the time, there’s no point following it at all.

This thought process put you under a lot of pressure and makes you feel like a failure if you do slip up. Just because you have not followed the plan exactly does not mean that you cannot do it any more and so you have to give up. Perfection-related diet mistakes mean that some people will blame the smallest slip-up as an excuse to stop the diet.

This issue is hardest for dieters who follow very strict diet programs where no treats are allowed. Your weight loss does not have to be a straight downward line. It’s OK to have occasional diet mistakes, slips and gains along the way, as long as the overall trend is downward. And it’s much better in the long term to lose weight slowly as the weight is more likely to stay off that way.

2. Crash Diet Stategy

Another one of the classic dieting mistakes is using a weight loss program as a temporary crash diet plan and then stopping it once you have reached your target weight. This crash diet planning is the second of our major diet mistakes.

People on crash diets will usually pick very limited eating plans and then go back to their previous eating habits once the diet ends. This is one of the most common weight loss mistakes because, in most cases, all of the weight goes straight back on after the diet has finished.

It is much better to pick an eating plan that is a lifestyle change that you can easily follow and stick to. To lose weight and keep it off you need a permanent way of eating that will enable to maintain your goal weight after you achieve it.

3. No Diet Objective

Our third big diet mistake is about having a diet objective that is clear and achievable. This means, in weight loss terms, that you have an idea of your ideal weight or clothes size. Also you should set smaller objectives along the way, and reward yourself for each one achieved. Make your final objective flexible and it doesn’t matter if you want to change it as you approach your target weight.

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