Spring Tips To Help You Lose Weight

By Samantha Knowles

As winter weather rages on, I see a glimmer of hope. The birds are appearing more often and the sun is shining a bit brighter for us. As we all come out of winter, the first thing I think about is the extra ten pounds I have gained over the past few months. With Christmas, New Years, and lots of snow, exercising and eating right went out the window. My New Years’ resolutions long gone. It is now time for our spring game plan to lose weight. So lets get to it!

No, I am not talking about a fast, fad diet that will make you lose 7 pounds in a week, only to gain 10 back next month. I am talking about making a few easy changes in your everyday life.

Here are some great tips to help you lose weight for spring: (1) make a few easy changes in your diet that won’t have you craving. Cut out soda this week. Next week cut out chips. This is easy to follow and you won’t miss what is missing. (2) Make better choices at restaurants. We all know that we consume more calories when we eat out. When eating out, order the cheeseburger but have a salad instead of fries. Or if you need those fries, order a dinner salad instead. (3) When grocery shopping, avoid the asile that has all the snack in it. You know the one – the asile with all the chips, snacks and dips. (4) Make sure you eat breakfast! Skipping breakfast is a big mistake because you are so hungry at lunch, you will make bad choices. So take the time to have some protein in the morning! (5) Exercise when you can, it all counts. You don’t need to suit up and go to the gym to burn calories. Vacuuming the carpet burns calories, going up and down your stairs burns calories, take your dog for a walk, do pushups and situps or make 5 trips up and down your stairs. It all burns calories so do it! It adds up! (6) Give yourself rewards other than food. I used to do this all the time – if I work hard, I can stop at McDonalds. Not good. Instead, reward yourself with other things like a manicure or pedicure or a favorite magazine and a bubble bath. These things are still indulgent and have NO calories!

Spring and summer are just around the corner so make these simple changes now, you will be back to your fighting weight in no time and ready to hit the pool. Good Luck!

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