What Is The Paleo Diet?

By Samantha Knowles

With a few extra pounds to lose, I have been on a journey to discover what I am going to try to do to eliminate those extra ‘winter pounds’. I wanted to know more about the Paleo diet because it seems to be the new trendy phrase that is being kicked around and frankly, it seems to have reached an almost cult-like status. Here is what I discovered:

The Paleo diet has also been referred to as the “Caveman” or “Cavewoman” diet. It is a very popular way of eating that is embraced by many, including lots of Cross-Fit athletes. After investigating what a Paleo diet was, I found out the basic facts: The Paleo diet cuts out all legumes, processed foods, cereal grains, salt, dairy, and refined sugars. In other words, it cuts out all the fun stuff. By doing this, proponents argue that you can improve your health, increase your energy level, improve your digestion and immune system as well as slow down the aging process. Additionally, it works as a great weight loss system – its major selling point.

So my first impression is that it cuts out 80% of what I currently eat: that bagel in the morning, the cheese and bread in my sandwich, not to mention my chocolate snack that I sneak in the middle of the day. Can these people be serious? No dairy? You might as well tell me NO FUN.

How can this be so popular? It sounds like a pain in the ass.

So I decided to try it. Let me say that the first few days were rough but on my third day I discovered something crazy – I didn’t miss the bagel or the chocolate, like, at all. I never thought I would even type these words but it is true. I have been amazed that my body and my cravings can be satisfied with lean proteins and vegetables. We have a nut allergy in my house (my son) so I had to be careful with the nut snacks, but other than the occasional pangs for the first few days, I can honestly say that I feel more energetic and have noticed my favorite jeans are a bit looser! That is enough to keep me going!

On the down side, I don’t believe that the Paleo Diet can really do everything it claims to do such as slowing down the aging process. I am not sure what that even means but I promise you that I still have crows feet on the outside of my eyes and I don’t think that eating this diet will change that!

Either way, it cannot hurt to try the Paleo Diet, now that you know what it is! Good Luck!

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