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Are You Currently Trying To Lose Weight? These Guidelines Will Help You Succeed!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
Copyright © 2014 M Noor A super-good way to lose some weight is to ratchet down your caloric intake slightly every day, keeping it gradual so that you will don't want to resist. An excellent method is to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories. Logging anything you consume during the day is the best way to track your calorie consumption if Read The Post [...]

The Very Basics of Weight Loss

Sunday, July 27th, 2014
By Brett Lechtenberg Weight loss is not a black and white thing and does takes effort. You have to balance calories, carbs, and fad diets. Basically to lose weight you need to be burning more calories (energy) than you take in. It's very simple math, you can do this by not drinking your latte in the morning or going one more mile on the treadmill. Read The Post [...]

Diet or Diet Weight Loss: Three Things Everyone Should Definitely Know

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
By Paul A Philips This is not one of those articles acting as a preamble for some sales pitch. I don't have any products to sell. However, having studied nutrition over the years, there are some crucial things I have noticed that many people are unaware of when it comes to their diet or diet weight loss. There are 3 crucial things EVERYONE should Read The Post [...]

Springtime Weight Loss

Sunday, April 13th, 2014
By Samantha Knowles As winter weather rages on, I see a glimmer of hope. The birds are appearing more often and the sun is shining a bit brighter for us. As we all come out of winter, the first thing I think about is the extra ten pounds I have gained over the past few months. With Christmas, New Years, and lots of snow, exercising and eating right Read The Post [...]

Working Moms and Losing Weight

Sunday, April 13th, 2014
By Samantha Knowles As a busy working mother, I don't have a lot of time to commit to lengthy workouts and even less time to commit to a gym membership. I finally gave mine up because I was sick of paying Big Gym close to $100 a month to NOT use it. It seems that once they get you to charge it on your credit card, it gets lost in the shuffle. As Read The Post [...]

What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
By Samantha Knowles This is the million dollar question. If I had the answer to this question, not only would I be a billionaire, but I would be a SKINNY billionaire! Everyone wants to know how to lose weight and unfortunately there is not one answer. I have tried every diet out there, yes, I have tried them all. Unfortunately, not one of them have Read The Post [...]

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014
By Samantha Knowles With a few extra pounds to lose, I have been on a journey to discover what I am going to try to do to eliminate those extra 'winter pounds'. I wanted to know more about the Paleo diet because it seems to be the new trendy phrase that is being kicked around and frankly, it seems to have reached an almost cult-like status. Here Read The Post [...]

The Importance Of Diet And Exercise For Weight Loss

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
By Melvin Noel Obesity is now being called an epidemic in the health community. It will soon be the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, even ahead of cigarette smoking. Obesity leads to type two diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke and even an increased risk of cancer. With all of these health risks, as well Read The Post [...]

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Monday, December 9th, 2013
By Melvin Noel I went on my first diet about six years ago. Over the past five and a half years my weight fluctuated as I tried virtually every diet and exercise program under the sun. Nothing seemed to work for me. Until six months ago I enrolled in a weight workshop which taught me that I must change the way I look at food. It was then that I understood Read The Post [...]

How to Eat to Lose Weight

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013
By Kristine Penn The healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet. Scientists tracking the health benefits of this diet concluded the study early so that all participants could be told they should be on the Mediterranean diet. After taking everything into account (gender, age, alcohol, lifestyle, etc.) it was proven beyond a doubt that Read The Post [...]